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tv   France 24 News  PBS  November 4, 2013 6:30am-7:01am PST

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was a free day. of course breaking the top twenty. so much. eagles to play. stocks for it. good news. such
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egypt ousted president mohamed more see is the chair and just minutes after the game. he's in court link to the killings of protesters last december will be getting the very latest. for an after taste really good character and a list from our sister station kidnapped and killed in bali. the investigation is just who was behind the attack is underway. i dropped local elections in kosovo. masked men smashed a polling station in an apparent bid to discourage pics are from posting. first etf. as long as an alarm and more say in court at a high security police complex outside cairo that trial was
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adjourned. just minutes after it began. morrissey is the country's first ever democratically elected leader he's been charged for inciting violence linked to the deaths of protesters during his time in office cairo corresponding captaincy leaves covering the town of katherine does anymore about what happened there in court this morning this trial is due to start scientists in the insta family hearing from what source is restricted in many ways and i receive is refusing to the white suits and accept prisoners on remand after wet when the idiot box and he did appear in court festival any good jacket that he was a ton and detached and said you have no right to judge me i am still hesitant. i answered and all that is what he said l said that the defendants maintained in the calm the seas deep insight to
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the king of the back sixteenth in the pulpit as they all say which began chanting that it has meant that you can see in the back i was instantly convinced that there was also kind of thing seems to further the ends to which acting at the top of each of the prosecution alleges the difference now is i try to get it right so what's the outcome of which is the end of the jets in the case is a giant incense and half until i receive puts on a white suit and his mentor way the weekend. it is going on today to hear the chants and the french do some twenty thousand police officers out today. or that security concerns what does it guarantee any police academy is unprecedented. we had to go through a number of security conference in vienna to access this media placement we'll come back as you can see the tiny better off at the dancing that
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the policies of the mostly behind the net. trust me it's not that bad in front of where i'm standing in the bank intended that they need to be given to you. can say of course due to the softball team i expect gold to be from the missing back to the people with babysitting the reason for the hitmen based incentive to send to really get to see what needed to see that they could not take any direction and not mixing with and economic might and that's really what the objective standard. now let's say it's like he's going to make at least protect its ejected from this illness and death some of the activities in the next big thing did an awesome about that. they think of biased in favor of that being nice and since i'll be the fence to get identified to the icc said they had us at the cbc and youtube channel two minutes
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yet at the respondents to date to the kids they say that i'm out of the agenda is funded by saudi arabia in saudi arabia supports tendencies to be too late it's been pretty calm yet lovely theories that many demonstrations taking place in my iv which is like twenty five km from here. not with the idea region and in the trial was meant to be held at him said the prem mostly to put his exam that protesting outside the constitutional called and said that's the good thing too since we are hearing outside cooking eggs and react to a security post as i'm mostly supported syntax contributing back to peace and security classified as he gets to disguise that is protected in attics and korea critics say that there is no way beyond what he can get a fair trial because eating tribe in the very people who ousted him from power in the first place. anyway this track and tv fare. i think it's the republican neo nazis to try and set. at times i
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try to get the hang of it all the websites of watching these trials and to make sure that does not have it my seat it's a treat since i accept that these human rights though is here and i already had qualms about things like these. it's antique lace knitting is ready. and that is against international law and not to allow the christmas lights on them and treat it yet and thus is and he hasn't been that access to its lowest. anyhoo we know that he eats like a baby yet at ease talking to my chief catherine ashton diesels that i contacted an african union said against him. he's really been able to speak to his appetites and amelie is a site giving you must be dispensed with. he is being held and send it to keep the cdc says that's right i said it's very important to the localities to justify why i have counted like they have helped in that incommunicado practically the past twelve months. i
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trust the people behind the piano. the people that supporters the sink. it is no way to the strike is that the yet to beat the clock to strike him a stick insect into tomato and he is still the president. i then said i kept in touch and see the reporting there from outside a high security police complex outside cairo on the child of the ousted president who can foresee when she struck comes one day after us secretary of state john kerry was in cairo now he didn't mention the case directly but he did say all the egyptians should have the right to free and transparent trials of kerry's now in saudi arabia the latest stop on his campaign to reassure the arab world that the us will not let any attack by iran. some arab leaders are concerned any breakthrough in nuclear negotiations could really get to a friendlier us approach to iran are also worried that siri at these times could leave the regime in damascus backed by iran. and pakistan's former military dictator has been granted bail. chavez and the shark has been under house arrest
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for six months now the former president has been linked to a deadly raid on a radical mosque that left a cleric david who leads an anti masonic district court me six candles on bail in all cases brought against him since his return to pakistan from self imposed . there's also include one case relating to the assassination of former prime minister and sleepy town. here in france the foreign minister has put the blame firmly on groups in mali for the deaths of two journalists from our sister station aren't i. she's thinking. i recalled that all were kidnapped and shot dead in northern mali on saturday twelve suspects have been arrested in that case of farming to the attack speaking on french radio this morning the foreign minister on the news said authorities are working to find out exactly what happened. q do you right now we on the short to commit to this assassination. there are
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a few theories. we were talking about an hour cutting his time in the crib. when shell which has now taken on a new full quarter of the key to him. talk about seventy cents between good and this mall. carly there i'm not a precise answers to these questions of the predents who is walking these very closely. given instructions to follow the trial so that the people responsible are punished. the bodies of those two french journalists have now arrived in monaco. they are due to come home to france sometime tonight their deaths of course have come as a shock to everyone here has been kept to its sister station radio france international center on sunday reports. he sees him down as passionate about africa. this is the portrait painted by his three people one cardinals cuddle and kiss tuesday's event as connie and gavin's outside the french international radio station's offices the black ribbon symbol of candles. they'll do. we
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toasted to be friendly but the home we just listened to his guns access to bush and the doctor next week or next fortnight such as custodians each step. his name sits behind me in the newsroom for me a copy of real debate going. i scored tickets in the interior forces would use a wet and cold sake since everyone's stress that protectionism. she pinpointed cheese and it was a real connoisseur. caution it is usable disappearing journalists of strong convictions to knit. it will be loved being outdoors need of a technical challenge of using studio quality and very difficult circumstances that he was forever busy taking care of something that all was a perfectionist it that the fiction is to honor a fine fronds threefold since the station has counseled the money paid down there working on knitting has reaffirmed its commitment to reporting the news. with a nice family in africa are
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flying has been receiving messages of sympathy. foreign ministry on friday its byzantine text responses can get in says. kosovo or allow the elections were rocked by violence. masked men attacked a polling station smashing windows and tearing of voting material. i was just one eve and underscoring the country strained relations with serbia. it's the first time voters in all of kosovo were able to choose local councilors and mayors since the country gained independence from serbia five years ago kathy clifford explains. strewn across this polling station. as for me only. and of course their way into the polling station in states that to an extent the small one older woman was seriously injured. this is one of the attackers his chair with a chair all the cool we heard this one moment also been injured her
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leg was broken and it shows the brutality and arrogance of the attackers. it was just one of several violent incidents forcing polling stations for the northern served on many kids to keep the clothes are any intimidation and already marred the election and make sure beats that their candidate in your country was attacked by two masked men on friday to see the scope of twenty six that refuse to recognize it as an independent states. spite steady echoing percent in kosovo to vote on sunday many decided to buy cox liquidity to the election to succeed with the international community will say he served as the phillies with albanians and then all the conflict will be considered troublemakers to the past we have nothing against the telco unions nor the international community is on all of the cities and states that though we have the right to find clothes and some credit as cycling station's truss or others not to boats. however despite the threats some serbs were determined to get the polls yes i on the tree are for intimidation messages on my phone. testing areas to me to
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come and go. i'm ready. i have known what to name but both piston brakes on the note and i'll get up and teammate and current lists in other parts of the country that the rents may leave with voter turnout estimated at forty five percent. sarah turned out to the test of relations between the states and said the ad in the wake of an eu brokered deal tempered by aids. russian opposition leader and ex in a bunny has thrown his weight behind a controversial match as to march on today in moscow. he comes as rights act is one of growing seen a phobia in the rush at bonnie's the top critic of president letterman that he is known for his ability to mobilize mass street protests he did say they seemed so let's get the marks today mommy says he'll stay away to avoid giving the kremlin a chance to discredit him for the event. the mayor of toronto has apologized to the city saying he has done a lot of stupid things. after a video search allegedly
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showing the mayor robert ford puffing on a crack cocaine night. he acknowledged the need to curb his drinking buddy didn't address the allegations of drug use donna d'souza reports. mayor rob toys in it as a drinking problem. speaking to residents of toronto on his pt radio show to me and apologize for being debated in in august. he also admitted to returning to city hall during a hot headed off to a brandy after st patrick's day event last year when we can do it now. it's the mistakes. i sincerely sincerely apologize to move forward to make changes in my life. i can assure you. i will do. the mayor did not say anything about possible drug use. police in taunton have said that they have a video that appears to show him using crack cocaine
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meera forests and residents are awesome visit to see this video and judge for themselves. ford has rejected the possibility of taking any leaves of absence for assigning one a sense of the week the show feels otherwise. i want to be medically. you want to write i truly believe. me being me i'm away. all four major newspapers in toronto. call for the man to step down what's interesting and unique i doing here in paris to stay with us. since
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welcome to business and to you i'm off to scouts and french carmaker treasures citroen is struggling with lower sales and chewing the fat off of the year it'll stay in the hall the billion euros amid warnings the company may know how the future as a standalone comic to it said trying to time its fortunes around as pasta those efforts. it seemed the best team of hybrid technology and together with the energy company to time that measures six and has presented the concept car with a hybrid engine. it's known as the parish oh two oh eight fb and talk more about that we can turn to the chief
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executive of the parish o'brien's at macs in the cap is with us from attack struck just north of paris and a sippy cup. thank you very much indeed for speaking to us today. this ended a bit more about you will gamble on hybrid vehicles when can we expect to see the kind of technology that's in the two will wait and be on sale in showrooms. i would say is that it acknowledges that you can see owns the two to eight a british team. which is a prototype. we're beyond me or shoot or constantine from two sons and sixteen. in fact this is the brand new i agreed to conditions it can achieve a forty six crime of to book an amateur. that we we knew was false that the energies that if you go here to be able to make a costs a lot of personal consumer. we use the only two would be to assess progress of the beaches for consumption. and it can in a
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toast to twenty two and your eyes. as you say in the name of fuel efficiency uvu have done away with that. things like that condition ing and also to all manner of stuart sees when trying t think that it's going to go down well with the twins call by is in the end. i would say is that for example thousand euros you get heroes who cheat on me can write some things that already exists on gaza on the streets of the cameos has a future says is kind of development. these two sides is the target and step by step. who would use different energies to three of the profiles of coz he's a future abram that he also really need that owns the technology inside to. i agreed and said he already has shown moms and a two step motor show. and it's a getting all of this taken a decent into a post to achieve it. as a target of a teacher
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of conception funded commences. now until time it said previous model that since b a at the top of the hybrid market at the moment is that you are awake spiffy going to be a prius scale up. with such a day or a hybrid drive mop the body trying to get up and calls the blogs i've read for which his career before allah the couple's the range cars and ike surprise awaits. and we we need to. so i would pick an energy. more people so we knew that. that najib said people can afford it says is the reason why we on the tuning tools i've read it and to take images that we have been too late to be different because this is the only way this kind of did manage to take an oath and decent prize a bit of consumption and focus on this it ended in us a little bit about how they did the gamble
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is on hybrid vehicles will cut of sales. are you hoping for that. looking ahead when it comes to hybrid vehicles how important will they be for your business i would say is that currently we are already sold seventy thousand hybrid cars in europe which is already a big sister says she's not in the sch. and your future will focus on showing step by twenty twenty we could of them. i drew in the aggregation rate of some scene between sixteen to fourteen per cent of frozen console. depending on the servant of pride predation. the key to being the web's the main pic managing to two we'll find the photo into two and to tell you in the gti costs. i want it on to the difficulties facing pressures that in swiss bank ubs says that it did have doubts whether psa will be able to remain a stand alone carmaker. you cannot with
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that said coleman did just this week will promote books you make of that. i would like to sit to suppose that we get the financial security which is key in eleven billion euros. but we clearly need to improve our situation in europe. she's the reason lies with the difficult decision. like closings and then a full man. to really improve our financial situation there up as the very same time we need to do the bow tied if you're up and receive news that i would say is outside europe are growing with all four eighty four to five percent of proceeds will take you up so we need to keep on walking in that direction. speaking of those tends to diversify outside your bed and the chinese carmaker dong feng is seen as one potential source of cash for pleasures that renowned it's considering taking its stake cavity where all those negotiations at this stage
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today it dawned on sony's apocryphal twenty years we know them quite well. when boateng venture in china. we are all read the exploding some cause for the then market of stylists use them to asia and produced in china sold zero so we have a tough project was am and we are working. weasels their industry overall commercial project wheeze and an alt finance amp so clearly cokes during the add on that we have an open and the two of the union arises to be told i could even increase on and on from entering our typical already when she think we'll find out more about your future times when it comes to france's that said that capsule rise that you would just stick with our empty. i stayed in a country we doomed to be short on the need for a
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ticket to ride his shoes is the reason why when it on the one in the center also an ag of the drippings their current business. i stayed heing theituaon i europe and the exeter eighteen o grosso ate of europe and will result in china shows our dynamic we are because we are going to grow sweet is twice the size of market in china. and it's only as a result of the good relationship. it was doomed from the military minchin and our brand new range set for launch in china says responses. let me ask a question from a different perspective or to be interesting for you and in paris so to have an even closer cooperation with with the dong fang all the other significant gainso be nate isah told you it is a reasowhy you are talking resume soon. on industrial and commercial project its committees that we want to keep warm. today reaching
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outside of europe so don't r is a very good by then the ex introduction to present so here they who are looking at different the cbd keys the trip taking in theecision at that moment what about the french government has been talk of the french government also recalls taking its stake will know all the different possibilities so to speak on the table. to amount to a zoo is backing it as a company she said she plans to report on foil. as the government foes of friends to susan reason why we have to mean the whole squeeze and to be able to tour shows the fact that we're doing a good decision for the future of the company to support it then i'll back has been supported by the government the series no discussions was the government to take a stake in the pits take a peek at the moment. i want to talk a little bit about the general car market as well p estate sales that they were down again and that
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the court to combat to twenty twelve when will those sales hates bolts and for you when they get when other then that i knocked again. do. we have two sons and sixteen situation the question is that we are losing market share and were doomed to euro that greedy. increasing very fast outside of europe and the city open market as we stopped in to see. easier still painting is the koreas then we would be a bulk of the global growth so phone for humans. we either. we had the forecast of the decrees of four minus five with some fuzzy open market. we now seem set to be you will roam minus three point eight percent we chose that the decreases the year and we hope that makes yours it would be interested to real question is the hood's the pace the au said gross
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and the wee you've seen kids that it might be slow. you've already mentioned china but how will a matching markets to bed at a in general which is that we have the various said. results in emerging markets you can see an accident to result in china as i've told you that we have the improvement in l a market share in that sense america made this awesome amazing results. in argentina where we'll set something lanka one hundred thousand cars this year. always a good market share and that the more difficult rest and breezy on where we see is that our market share is quite stand though losing as the losing beat so we asked to improve our results in them. in brazil. in the nelson freak out with x and drizzled with a bead that boosted by a crude. jim market and with a strong position. in nigeria
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and though we are slow to can you squeeze the arusha where we are strglin we use it mostly these markets and though we are once again we need to improve the situation in arusha street mall batman's that we see countries like china nigeria argentina who excellent result and sister countries. the known uses of fiveountries timpose rules forocha and the world or academics and becse the chief executive. although the paratrooper and thank you very much indeed and for taking the time to speak it with us in with our things wrap up this program at school. hse recent ruling by making it illegal to get information about the six dollars to anyone under eighteen as the day sleeping constant. the intimidation
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assault in predicaments of the deceased as well become a state of the officially sanctioned homophobia svetlana gives us a unique insight into the life of the show's content. observers do that the eye. a lulu. i will. g. the air. it is. it
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is. do you. i mean. chen has
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entered a top fifty world countries with the best conditions for doing business the world bank has published the doing business two thousan foueen rating tod the country's gunhree places up in the ratings just one year ago cause extent of fifty third place each year the world bank analyzes business climate of one or eighty nine countries and ranks them according to ten areas for different countries made great progress in the registration of property going nine pointsp


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